Ou company was responsible for the installation of the exhibition “Once and Now” at Benaki Museum.

The exhibition presents works of the painter and printmaker, Iris Xilas Xanalatos, covering an artistic creativity of fifty years and over, for the first time.

The rich visual production, which continues until today, is composed of two main groups of works. The first includes abstract painterly compositions from her stay in London during the 1960s. The second involves paintings and handmade silkscreen prints of figurative themes from the 1970s onwards, after her permanent settlement in Greece. At the same time, the painter produced large and small scale works, using mixed techniques.

The thematic sections constituting the retrospective exhibition are evident: the abstract themes from the London-years, the seascapes and sailing boats, the compositions of birds, flowers and butterflies, the antiwar subjects and those related to desertification, the urban and industrial landscapes.  Rich colours and textured areas are predominant in the abstract compositions. The figurative works are characterised by pure forms, geometric drawing, simplicity and balance. Their colour scale is broad, often reaching lyricism and emotion as the various aspects of the natural world are interpreted poetically.

The show also includes material from Iris Xilas Xanalatos’ private archive of her Greek and international exhibitions.

The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue, in Greek and English.

FROM 07/02/2018 – TO 11/03/2018

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